Thursday, September 17, 2009

who doesn't love a frozen maxi pad?, mesh underwear, and more....

be sure to warn your husband, if he likes to grab a cold snack while half-asleep at night, that the new "treats" in the long box in the freezer are not ice cream sandwiches.  a vaginal birth can will leave you tender and tow' up (from the flow' up), so it's not a bad idea to have some maxi pads stashed in the freezer to be able to use for soothing.

you may also want to buy some mesh disposable undies (um, kind of similar to those shown above...does he have eyeliner on?...who cares!) as you may likely bleed through your maxi pad and ruin all of your underwear. and for bleeding beyond that, which is relatively normal, send your hubby out to the drug store to buy some disposable underpads to protect your bed sheet.

then ask him to put on some mesh underwear and some of your eye make-up.

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