Saturday, September 12, 2009

this tiny digital video cam rules!

in an attempt to actually view and share your family memories, instead of building a library of mini video tapes, you have to get this little camcorder.  it's smaller than an iphone and can hold 120 minutes of raw unadulterated baby action.

the best part is that even the wifey (me) can figure it out.

hit red button to turn on.
hit red button to turn off.
zoom in.
zoom out.
hit play to watch.

last, you click the button on top of it and, a usb arm pops out that goes right into the usb port on your computer.  next thing you know, your kid is the most downloaded star on youtube (btw, we found that 2 min max videos upload quickest)!

most of the best kid moments happen when you least expect it.  have this little cam in your back pocket to capture all the goodness.....

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