Tuesday, September 22, 2009

snot suckers and whatnot : baby cold season is upon us

if you're like me, when your baby gets his first runny nose, you have a mini panic-attack inside.  he's sick!!  how will he breathe while he breastfeeds?  will he be up all night?  is it more than just a cold?

never fear, the snot sucker is here.  have you heard of this thing the nosefrida?  it's a self-proclaimed bpa/phthalate-free $15 snot sucker from sweden (leave it to the land of ikea, right?)!  these are great because the syringe-looking thing goes into your baby's nose, and you can control the amount of vacuum/sucking and see what's coming out. did i forget to mention the part where you are the one sucking on the small plastic hose attached to it?

be sure to replace the little disposable filter as to avoid getting your baby's cold 4 days later because you've been inhaling all of his germs for days (who me? yes, i'm speaking from experience here...).  buy a pack of extra filters.

always try to boost baby's vitamin d levels with at least 10 minutes of direct sunlight daily (whether he's sick or not),  and boost your own system with zinc, elderberry, and vitamin c at the first sign of a cold.   if you prefer an organic hand sanitizer, this one is great.  no synthetic filler.

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