Monday, September 14, 2009

mothering magazine: the greatest magazine known to parentkind

ok, maybe mothering magazine would be a little more perfect if it had a slight bit of a fashion flare---but, nah, it's pretty perfect.  and i guess i'll leave the style-y stuff to cookie magazine.  speaking of cookie, if you feel like most parenting magazines leave you desiring more substance, then you have to check out mothering.

it offers fantastic info on natural attachment parenting.  also, there are great personal experiences that are last month when a breastfeeding mother wrote about her move to mongolia where breast milk is coveted---often her reserves would be "borrowed" from the fridge if someone in the office was under the weather.

mothering offers a digital ($4.95) or print subscription ($19.95).  if  you are interested in information about and stories of parents who do bed-sharing/family bed/co-sleeping, you HAVE to purchase the back issue no. 152 jan/feb 2009 with the cover story, "who wants to sleep alone?"

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