Friday, September 18, 2009

cord blood--to bank or not to bank?

this is just one of those things in life where you have to go with your gut and make your own decision (darn it!). do you want to interrupt stem cells from flowing through the umbilical cord into your baby after birth in order to remove blood for banking? will the baby benefit more from getting all of the stem cells at birth---or some at birth and maybe some later?  we believed that getting all of them at birth would help our baby build a strong immune system that would ultimately help prevent diseases.

we also suspected that there may be an excess of banked cord blood/stem cells if we were ever in need.

while we're on the topic, after your baby is born, it is best to allow the cord to pulse until it completely stops before doing anything to it (clamping, etc).  also, the baby should ideally be lying on your belly or in a similarly low position so the blood can flow smoothly through the umbilical cord to him.  if you feel strongly about this, be sure it is in your birth plan.

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