Tuesday, September 8, 2009

"is that thing safe?"

i can't tell you how many people have asked me that question about this little clip-on chair that we take to restaurants. i am always devilishly tempted to answer "no", but instead just sort of smile and nod, confused.

restaurant highchairs can be kind of icky. or sketchy. or non-existent. but there's an awesome little clip-on chair by the kiwi company phil and ted's (which is always followed by the voice in my head uttering "party on dude") that will make your life easier at meals out with your baby or toddler up to 3 years old/40 lbs.

this little fabric chair clips on the table to keep pee-wee right next to you and happy instead of squirmy and bummed out down in his stroller. the chair collapses to the size of a trapper keeper and weighs about 2 pounds. it's great for your home dining table too!!


  1. we want to get some glass baby food containers. searched everywhere and can't find anything satisfactory. can you recommend anything? thanks! xo

  2. i am sooo sorry i never saw this comment of yours. i am supposed to be emailed when i receive comments and was not. i assume by now you have figured this out since it has taken me so ridiculously long to get back to you! 4oz mason jars or used baby food jars (on ebay/craigslist/daycares) are great--and they can go right into boiling water to heat up. also, try stainless steel bowls and bento boxes (at whole foods) which can also go right into boiling water. sorry again for the delay.