Tuesday, September 15, 2009

birth-related physical therapy

if you believe you have had a pelvic injury that perhaps has gone undiagnosed (unexplained hemorrhoids since giving birth?), please seek treatment from a specialized physical therapist that is familiar with birth- related trauma.  who knew this niche profession even existed?---thank goodness it does!

if you are in los angeles, i highly recommend the amazing anita russek-lendach at women's physical therapy.   you haven't seen thorough until you've had anita's therapeutic hands on you (did that come out wrong?  i'm keeping it).    some of the other unique issues that women's physical therapy treats are breast cancer rehab, vulvodynia, high-risk pregnancy conditions, fibromyalgia, and vaginismus.

outside of los angeles, please ask your ob or midwife for a referral.

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