Tuesday, September 29, 2009

the teething is waring me down...

my son's first two teeth, on the bottom, came in at 7.5 months and were a breeze.  he's a little over 10 months now, and the top two teeth have started breaking through in the last couple of weeks.

ever since the arrival of the first 2 teeth, he became more snuggly---happy enough to cuddle up to me an hour after waking and just hang out on my boob until naptime.  this was cute, and so was the ridiculousness of him sleeping/nursing while lying ON TOP of me at night in the last couple weeks.  we do bed-sharing, so this wasn't so bad, plus it clearly was soothing him during an uncomfortable time. ok, well, now my back is officially wrecked---go figure.  it ends up that having something a fifth of your body weight lying on your chest all night for a week can do some damage.

so, today i will dedicate this post to all things natural that help for soothing during teething:

camilia drops--homeopathic drops that help with irritability and pain.

hyland's teething tablets--similar to above, but i also notice a calming effect that helps baby fall asleep.

amber necklace--popular in europe.  has pain relieving energetic properties.  and my husband keeps saying how "groovy our son looks in his puka shell necklace."

feeding pouch--you can do ice chips in these, but any fruit or veggie in here seems to make baby happier all around.  make life easier, buy a few of these.

teething rings--der.  this other cold one or this chewy silicone one is good too.

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