Friday, September 18, 2009

pregnant? worried about what the placenta feels like coming out?

let's put it this way, if you are doing an unmedicated don't even need to worry for 2 seconds about whether it is difficult or painful to "push" the placenta out. i had a natural birth and everything after the baby came out was a blur.  meaning, the doctor mentioned something about a couple of stitches and maybe at some point the placenta came up in conversation...but i basically felt none of this.  pushing out a baby's head trumps everything so far.....and immediately thereafter, you are on the biggest high of your life---flooded with love and love hormones galore!

UPDATE : spoke recently with a friend who had a natural birth and her placenta did not detach quickly on its own, so doctor had to manually remove it.  this is a painful procedure, yet very rare.  if you have an epidural, pain is minimal.

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