Thursday, July 22, 2010

mason jar sippy cup

i have dailycandy to thank for this one.  the email newsletter they sent today had a great sippy cup called eio glass kids cup ($15) that is a glass mason jar with silicon sleeve (non-bpa, etc) and top.  it's cool too, because new-drinkers can learn how to properly drink from a cup instead of sucking a built-in straw or other device like some other sippy cups.  purchase it here.

reuse it on your own 8 oz mason jar.  all parts are dishwasher safe.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

beau-tee-ful organic fashion for mom.

just when i thought i might have to gag myself with a spoon at the sight of all the current barfarama 80's inspired fashion, a lovely friend (thanks, melissa!) shared the most refreshing and amazing organic line of clothing with me recently.   it's called mika organic, and you can gaze upon it here.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

natural birth control

ever since getting off the pill just prior to getting pregnant, i have been contemplating never going back on.  not because i aspire to be michelle duggar, but because what was i thinking taking synthetic hormones for so long?!  there are many health risks associated with the pill and the patch.

the question at hand is, what are the best natural birth control options? well, dr. mercola sent me a lovely little email with an article just this week and answered all my questions....i love when he does that.  ok, the email wasn't just to me, but he did read my mind.

an excerpt from the "natural family planning techniques" portion of the article:

"Ovu-Tech Method: The Ovu-Tech is an inexpensive hand-held mini-magnification lens about the size and shape of a lipstick holder that allows you to monitor your saliva for hormonal changes that indicate fertility."

read this previous post of mine for more info on the ovulation product mentioned above.

Monday, July 12, 2010

study : kids who spend time with dad are happier...

a recent new york times article excerpt:

"Dads may not have as many meaningful conversations with their kids, but they tend to roughhouse with them more than moms do, and research indicates that's important for kids’ development, too.

Mothers help children feel connected, anticipated and wanted.  Fathers teach them how to interact with others and how to control themselves when they feel their needs aren’t being met.”

Sunday, July 11, 2010

breastfeeding site on milk donation, induction for adoption, and more...

someone who means a whole heckuvalot to me, has had more challenges as a new mom than anyone i know personally.   i will not go into detail, but you'll have to trust me here.  one of her challenges, which we moms all have to some degree, has to do with breastfeeding.  she recently shared an amazing site with me called milk share.

it is a place that mothers who need, or want to give, donated breast milk can go to connect.  this site does not sell breast milk, but they help connect people in need.  in addition, they have extremely current and unique info (some of which i have not come across before) on the following breastfeeding topics and more:

supplemental nursing devices (photo above)
induction for adoption
nursing after surgery
building supply
freezing guidelines
choosing the right storage container
formula vs. breastmillk

Thursday, July 8, 2010

if you have a toddler, you're gonna need these...

speaking from experience here...

this past week in our house included a 3-hour visit to the er where my 20-month-old got stitches a 1/2 inch from his eye---and a few days later included a goose-egg bruise on the side of his head.

each incident happened in a flash with 1-6 adults around watching him. after 3 weeks away from home traveling, apparently it's time for childproofing round 2 (ding! ding!)....

anyway, my point here is that --- well there is more than one, but i'll focus on 2...

1. have a good first aid kit for your kid.  you may want one for the car too.

2. consider purchasing these reusable ice cubes today (i got mine at world market)...they are a god send for treating a small injury!!  they are hard and stay cold like an ice cube.  give your kid a couple to hold on to to busy his hands and distract him from the one that you're holding on his head.  trust me, when your child is scared, hurt and wailing, he will not let you hold a huge regular ice pack on a bump or cut... especially right next to his eye.

tylenol recall expanded--includes children's tylenol

read here for more info.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

feed baby breast milk bottle at the same time of day it was pumped.

that's right, recent studies show that nucleotides (structural units of dna), and other ingredients in breast milk, perform an important role in regulating a baby's sleep.  they suggest that you if you pump at night, label the stored milk with the time, and feed it to the baby at the same time of night on a later date.  read more here.

an excerpt:

"You wouldn't give anyone a coffee at night, and the same is true of milk – it has day-specific ingredients that stimulate activity in the infant, and other night-time components that help the baby to rest", explains S├ínchez.

photo via here.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

summer travels

sorry i've been m.i.a....i had hoped to write more while we were traveling these last couple weeks, but it didn't always happen.  i should be back on track this week!  i've missed you...

the best gift for someone that's having a baby soon...

if you know someone that's having a baby and planning on breast feeding, then i have a recommendation for the most important gift you can give them.  so far, nearly every new mother i know would have needed and appreciated this gift.  the gift is a local lactation specialist.

when you're sleep deprived and in new-motherhood haze and need guidance with breast feeding, then having a local lactation specialist's number is priceless.  even if breast feeding goes smoothly in the beginning, a new mom needs to know that baby's latch is correct and she needs info on how to avoid infections, deal with pumping, advice on weaning, and much more.  breast feeding does not always come naturally.  mothers need help.

i know i have posted on this before, but i feel really strongly about the subject.

if you need a local lactation specialist, please contact the la leche league (click on "find local support") and as a local leader for a reference.  they can guide you to specialists that do home visits.  your pediatrician may also be able to refer a lactation specialist.  ideally, a mother would need help in the first week.  usually, a specialist will meet with mom for 2-3 hours.  some charge hourly ($60+/hr) and some do a flat fee that puts them on call until weaning ($200+).  if you're in the los angeles area, i highly recommend jennifer goodson (818 400 9525).  she is a nurse and amazing lactation specialist at dr. jay gordon's office and does home visits.

photo via here.