Tuesday, July 13, 2010

natural birth control

ever since getting off the pill just prior to getting pregnant, i have been contemplating never going back on.  not because i aspire to be michelle duggar, but because what was i thinking taking synthetic hormones for so long?!  there are many health risks associated with the pill and the patch.

the question at hand is, what are the best natural birth control options? well, dr. mercola sent me a lovely little email with an article just this week and answered all my questions....i love when he does that.  ok, the email wasn't just to me, but he did read my mind.

an excerpt from the "natural family planning techniques" portion of the article:

"Ovu-Tech Method: The Ovu-Tech is an inexpensive hand-held mini-magnification lens about the size and shape of a lipstick holder that allows you to monitor your saliva for hormonal changes that indicate fertility."

read this previous post of mine for more info on the ovulation product mentioned above.

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