Thursday, September 24, 2009

great site for natural health information

most of us can gather western medical information pretty your doctor, ask your mom, or google a topic.  but where can you go when you want to learn about the other end of the spectrum?...meaning, perhaps an eastern philosophy on health or homeopathy or curing/avoiding illness with nutrition.

there is a website that--yes some may call fanatical--i always go to because it is very thorough and is good about listing its sources.  it is and run by dr. joseph mercola who is a doctor of osteopathic medicine.  an osteopathic physician's training is similar to an md, but has a greater emphasis on primary care and holistic health. he is legit, has been published in the british medical journal on numerous occasions, and has incredible information on his site.  he's truly down for the cause.

here are just a few of his many articles about pregnancy, infants, etc to check out:

"having a baby?  do it naturally."

"clamp the umbilical cord early and risk injuring your child's brain"

"letter from parents to their doctor on their upcoming delivery"

"antibiotic use by pregnant women should be minimized"

"very important vaccine question"

try to check out the "related articles" list at the bottom of each article if you would like further reading.  plus, also at the bottom, readers write in and comment which can sometimes be helpful.  finally, mercola offers a full assortment of natural products ranging from pink himalayan salt to safe sunscreen to a set of non-teflon, non-toxic ceramic cookware.

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