Thursday, September 10, 2009

best eco-friendly natural materials disposable diapers

after 14 days of cloth diapers, my husband threw in the towel.  more on that later.  he was bummed that i poo-poo'ed (pun intended) his whole foods purchase of g-diapers, and we began searching for a disposable that didn't have a mystery gel in the liner---which every brand that i came across did.  he found out about nature babycare diapers online, and i joined in on the search of how to get them quickly, so as to relieve some of the stress on him.  a miracle happened, and the local target had them....i literally called to make sure they were on the shelf in our newborn size.

my husband was crashing into bed half-asleep when i told him that target had them, and i literally have never seen him move quicker out the door.  he arrived at target to find another bleary-eyed, desperate, saturday diaper-buying new father clearing off the remaining packs of diapers.  and there was a third father trailing my husband to the shelf. my hubby had to step in...."wo, wo, wo. can't take all the diapers.  here's what's gonna're going to give me 6 packs of those and this guy 6 packs, and you can have the rest." can you imagine if it were women?  anywhoo....they're great.

i still do cloth diapers during the day, but these are great for days out and for nighttime with an organic felted wool coverlet (for extra protection of leaks).   this is the same wool coverlet i use over cloth diapers.  wool is great because you don't have to constantly wash it. if pee gets on it, you can just air it out in the sun.

nature babycare dipes can be ordered at where they offer free next-day shipping depending on how much you spend.

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