Tuesday, September 15, 2009

kegels are not just for sexy times.

yes, yes, yes...i know you know about kegels.  you used to do them at every stop light during your early twenties.  now back to reality.  if you're having a baby they are super important.  not only should you be doing kegels up until you deliver, but it is imperative that you do them immediately after birth.

if you have no idea what the hell i'm talking about, a kegel is--according to wikipedia--an exercise that "consists of contracting and relaxing the muscles that form part of the pelvic floor."

i had a pelvic injury during birth, and it ends up that this is not uncommon.  more on that later.   weakened pelvic muscles can lead to issues including hemorrhoids, incontinence, and bladder prolapse--and some of these may not show up right away.  just add kegels to your list of important things to remember immediately following birth.

the phenomenal, phabulous, liphe-saving physical therapist, anita russek-lendach, taught me the proper way to do a kegel.  as it ends up, i was doing it half-right all these years---sorry guys.  you may have heard a kegel described as a tightening of the muscles that you use to stop your pee.  well yes, use these, but also incorporate your anus. you want to tighten/pull the pelvic muscles from the front (vagina) and the back (anus) toward each other and have these 2 groups meet right around the perineum---then pull them all upward and toward your belly button in one fell swoop....i always find that, if i visualize while trying, these pelvic exercises just somehow come together properly.

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