Tuesday, September 8, 2009

i forgot i had a baby when my dog was attacked.

let's talk about babies and emergencies...

one morning last week, my dog was attacked by 2 huge brown dogs roaming our street.  i looked out the window of my bathroom, where my baby was on the floor with me while i got ready, and saw my small dog outside being tossed around like a rag doll by his neck.  i immediately gasped, "no, no!" and took off running to go try to save him.....cut to 50 seconds later after screaming like a crazy person at the dogs in the middle of the street in my underwear.......the entire dog fight headed toward my front door and continued into my house as my dog tried to escape inside to where my second dog was!!!!

as i watched the dogs take off for my house, my brain clicked---"i have a baby.  where is my baby?  is he in his playpen?  nope.  he's in the bathroom, can crawl like a madman, and every door is open in his path."

you know that part in [insert action thriller here] where [insert terribly athletic maven here] leaps over shrubs and trees and cars and basically walks on air?  well, that was me.  ok, in my mind it was.   anywhoo, i killed myself trying to get into my front door at the exact moment the dogs did, if not sooner, so i could protect my son.  thank god, he was only a few feet from where i left him and looking a little confused.

as my neighbor was running in behind me yelling, "call the police! call the police!", i had no idea where my cell phone was from the night before, and i only have one landline phone in the house that felt too far away to even consider.

please learn from this traumatic and scary situation, as i have, and have an emergency stash spot for your kid.  whether it is a crib, playpen, or her safety-proofed room.   of course, remembering that you have a kid before actually implementing the plan is a good thing too.   i guess a baseball bat, a cattle prod taser, and bb gun by the front door aren't a bad idea either...but seriously....

have a plan.  have a land line phone, ideally not electrical/cordless (i learned in infant cpr to always use a land line in an emergency---a 911 call on a cell phone can cost you up to 7 precious minutes as it routes through the chp).   and, oh, find a long hose nearby to spray water on dogs during a dogfight---who knew?!?

my dog is pretty beat up, but he's going to be ok.  i, on the other hand,.......

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