Friday, September 11, 2009

for moms-to-be....week one, fruit is your friend

...a simple thought to remember the first week....DO NOT take an iron supplement like i did (because i wanted to restore all of the blood i lost when the baby, placenta, etc came out).  as you probably know, iron constipates you, and the very last thing you need after a vaginal birth, or c-section for that matter, is the fear of sitting on the toilet too scared to go to the bathroom.  and then on top of not so smooth eventually has to come out.

i could go into more detail, but just trust me, turn to your husband right now and say "honey.  help me stay regular the first week.  make sure i eat a lot of fruit and fiber.  thank you, i love you."

whole foods has this powder mix and others that can help.  metamucil is fine, but isn't as well-rounded and includes synthetic additives.

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