Sunday, September 13, 2009


ok, so some of us are little freaked out about what to do regarding "catching" swine flu.  oh yeah,  we're not supposed to call it that anymore---eat your bacon!  i will share some insightful words from a recent h1n1 update that our wonderful pediatrician, jay gordon, posted on his website:

"Whenever possible, we should form antibodies against viruses at the right stage of their existence and at the right stage of our lives (For example, chickenpox in childhood and EBV/mono in early childhood. There are many other examples.) Getting many viral illnesses confers lifetime immunity, and very few vaccines do.

...It sure isn't "sexy" to suggest handwashing, good nutrition, hydration, extra sleep and so on. It's not conventional to suggest astragalus, echinacea, elderberry and vitamin C. Adequate vitamin D levels are crucial, too."

please see his entire update here:

purchase his vaccinations dvd here:

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