Tuesday, December 15, 2009

sh*t happens : you may as well learn some natural tricks

let me just get right down to it....constipation is a fact of life that becomes really scary in the days immediately after giving birth (stay with me here, even if you aren't pregnant).  you'll read in one of my previous posts that fruit, and pure prune juice, should be priority food staples in the days after having a baby.  try to steer clear of pain killers if possible as they are notorious for clogging you up even more so.

here are some tips that i learned from my physical therapist to help if you are constipated and find yourself scared and on the toilet:

*breathe deep with good posture

*release your tailbone so that it relaxes toward the back of your body

*press on your perineum to aim your bowel movement toward the back (away from your vagina/stitches)

*squat on the floor with your feet flat (reflexology points help) and thighs pressed against abdomen--you may poop on the floor, but who cares?

*if you prefer, do the last position balancing on the toilet seat (i know)

*sing or talk out loud

i know most of these sound insane, but i swear they work.  i swear.  i am speaking from experience.

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