Saturday, December 12, 2009

ok. have me admitted....

i just got excited over a hemp cotton sandwich bag sold on the site!

this is my new favorite site!  i was in search of some affordable stainless dishes for my son (and hadn't fully committed to feeding him out of a metal dog bowl, yet) and came across this, my fantasy site. yes, i am laughing out loud at how ridiculous i am, don't worry.

but seriously folks, these guys have an awesome assortment of everything from stainless leftovers boxes to wool insulated lunch bags to stainless water dispensers (get rid of your plastic water cooler!). wow.  some really unique stuff.

10% off with offer code FUNNEWSTUFF until dec 15th
free shipping on orders over $100 until dec 15th

coming soon--stainless ice cube trays--wahoo!!

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