Friday, December 18, 2009

is the heat in your house drying you out?

during the winter, we tend to stay indoors and crank up the heat. unfortunately, this dries out the protective mucous in the nasal passages which may cause viruses to get into our bloodstream.

consider these nifty and cheap magnet sheets to stick over the vents in your bedroom if you need to run the heat at night in the whole house.  to keep yourself warm in your now non-heated arctic room, invest in a warm wool blanket or down comforter, dress warmly....and enjoy your healthy sinuses!  please see this and also this previous post on sinus wellness in wintertime.

bed bath and beyond and most local hardware stores sell 3-packs for around $10.

hopefully, you won't need to invest in a heat sheet 2-person survival blanket. um, what?

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