Sunday, December 6, 2009

need a green playpen?

if you're searching for a playpen option that is not plastic, you may want to check out herlag by kettler's collapsible wooden options.  if you're not familiar with herlag (distributed by kettler in the u.s.), they are a german company that has been around since 1883.  i tend to gravitate toward their products when given chance as they are more on the green side.

playpens are great for allowing mom and dad to be handsfree once baby starts moving around (4-7 months, onward).  ours has become like an island in our kitchen that i can roll onto the back deck too.

the solid beechwood playpen comes in two shapes/sizes:

48"x 48" square
42" x 50" hexagon (not collapsible)

to see photos and more info click here.
best prices click here.  or search locally on craigslist.

not plastic
large with more open sides than plastic playpen
base has 3 height adjustments
wheels roll or lock
use inside or out
collapsible (not available in hexagonal style)

*base is made of "safe" chipboard (read more at asterisk below)
base is covered in foam and vinyl
padding options are semi-hideous

how i got around negatives:
buy plywood made with non-toxic glues and make own base.
cover plywood base with natural latex foam, or other padding, and heavy canvas fabric.
make own removable canvas cover sheet.  bumper pads negotiable--only necessary for catching escaping toys and limbs (until baby is more in control, around 6 months-ish).

in los angeles, richard jebejian 310 854 4450 accomodates all of my crazy green upholstery requests (including the ones above) and can source the green components including non-toxic plywood, natural latex, and organic fabrics.

*kettler's national sales manager sent me the following info re the formaldehyde in the chipboard/mdf base, for what it's worth: "The material used is a Standard E1 Chipboard. The amount of free formaldehyde in 100 g. is below 8 mg. therefore achieving the highest world standards."

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