Tuesday, December 1, 2009

important information on vitamin d

perhaps you have been hearing the buzz this last year about the incredible value of vitamin d.  you will not hear about it from the big drug companies (aka the government and media) as they have no way to capitalize off of vitamin d.  you can get it for free from the sun or a basic vitamin.

more and more information is coming out about vitamin d's benefits including reducing cancer and countless other diseases.    it is so easy to make sure you are getting enough vitamin d---get a blood test of your vitamin levels.  if you are low, as 85%-95% of americans supposedly are, start taking it daily in the form of d3 cholecalciferol (5,000-10,000 iu).   getting 10-20 minutes of sun, without sunscreen, around high noon will help too.

please read more amazing vitamin d info here.

mercola has a vitamin d3 spray.  click here for an easy dissolvable sub-lingual form.

UPDATE : a japanese study has shown that children who take vitamin d3 are 58% less likely to catch influenza a!

UPDATE : the american academy of pediatrics recommends pregnant women take 4,000 iu daily of vitamin d3.

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