Saturday, December 26, 2009

hospital birth? have your birth plan in hand!

do you have a vision of your baby's birth?  there are a lot of things to consider and you may not want to leave all of them to chance (or up to your doctor or the hospital staff).  try to give a brief, but as thorough as necessary, written plan to your doctor in advance of the things that pertain to him.  you may want to discuss your decisions about some of the following things with your birth partner in advance, so he/she can advocate for you:

can midwife check your dilation at home?
natural induction options
when to head to the hospital during labor
walking epidural available?
fetal heart monitor turned down
antibiotics for strep b (can be avoided by taking probiotics)
enema or not
feelings toward c-section
feelings toward vacuum extraction/forceps
cord clamping (how long after birth?  cord blood banking?)
baby on chest immediately after birth
baby rubbed/wiped off after birth or not
baby weighed next to mother on rolling scale
special clothing/blanket/cap for baby
circumcision or not
infant eye treatment or not
vitamin k (oral or injection) or not
metabolic screening blood test or not
hearing test or not

certainly, you can ask your doctor's advice or have the nurses do what they think is best, but it is your baby's experience (and health), and you may want to research some of these things.  i will try to address most or all of them in this blog.

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