Friday, December 4, 2009

tell all your friends : women can birth babies without drugs

these are the posts where i risk losing my own friends, but what can i say?  just because i am trying to spread the word on how positive the unmedicated birth experience is, doesn't mean i am a hater on all of those who chose to do otherwise.  plus, look, sometimes i just have to rant!

i often feel like we need a news flash (breaking news!!) about how women have been birthing babies since the beginning of time without drugs.  our bodies are created for this.   unfortunately, the media and society and the medical community consistently espouse fear about the pain of childbirth---and the relief of the almighty epidural.  imagine the possibilities if the opposite were happening.

of course, there are times when life or death is truly on the line, and interventions must be made--that is not what i am questioning.

you are not "super woman" if you choose natural birth.  you are woman.  unfortunately, you are seen as  "taking a risk" by most, because natural birth is no longer the norm.  the fact of the matter is that "the norm" (fun with quotes this morning, sorry) is birthing without drugs....see the last 2 million years.  the epidural has only been publicly administered for 50-ish years.

will someone please provide me with a long term study of the effects on humans of the following birth interventions?

--cesarean section (over 32% of births in the u.s., world health org suggests no higher than 15%,  u.s. rate in 1965 was 4.5%)
--premature umbilical cord clamping

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