Saturday, February 27, 2010

new parents...don't be scared that eau de poop will be your new home fragrance...

i'm sure i'm riffing off of my last post here, but i just want to offer a little bit of relief to those who are about to be parents : don't be scared of poop smell.  i was REALLY scared.  i have been into a few homes that smelled of bleck [dry-heave], sour, sewage-like poopy diapers.

it was really important to me that my home be sewer-smell free (call me crazy).  i am proud to say that poop smell has not been an issue 'round here.  and believe me, there are plenty of people who would have spoken up.

i have heard that breast milk poop is not as stinky as formula poop. plus, some breast fed babies only poop like once a week in the 3-10 month range (this was a happy, happy time for us).  once solids are introduced--for us at 11months--pooping is back on the schedule approximately 1-4 times a day.

also, if you are able to get the solid-food poop, which is not runny like breastmilk poop, to drop into your toilet, than this certainly helps in the house-smell department.

check out this post for some items that may help your diaper set-up.

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