Saturday, February 27, 2010

alternatives to turning your baby's dirty diapers into plastic sausage links

it's bad enough that we use nearly 10,000 disposable diapers per child---that's right 10,000!!!---but that most of them are put into a plastic bag (whether it be an individual bag or sausage link style diaper genie bag) that heads to the landfill is especially shameful.

here are some simple options to greening your diaper situation:

1. use biodegradable/organic diapers like nature babycare
2. try not to use plastic bags
3. try to get poop off diaper and into toilet, then put diaper into odor-proof trash can
4. use washable wipes
5. use cloth diapers

if you must use plastic (because you actually want to be invited over to your friends' houses again):

1.  use biodegradable plastic diaper bags like these
2.  buy a diaper dekor pail, and use their biodegradable bags

side note...we put our son's changing table on our bathroom countertop for easy access to toilet and sink, containing (infrequent) smells to one small room, and for easy night changes since we do bed-sharing.

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