Monday, February 8, 2010

want to make sure you're eating healthy?

forgive me, as i have mentioned this site before, but i realized that maybe it was buried too deep in a long former post of mine, and didn't get the attention it deserves!  the site is nutrition data.  ok, not the kicky-est name, but freakin' awesome, nonetheless.

on nutrition data, you can search for nutritional info in a few different ways:

1.  select a nutrient from their thorough list (eg. zinc, iron, vit d) and up pops all foods that include that nutrient listed in descending order.

2.  type any food into the search box and up pops its nutritional info (eq all nutrients, calories, etc).

dare i tell you that you can check out fast food info on here too?  i told you it's thorough!

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