Wednesday, February 3, 2010

remember how your school looked nothing like this?

how can i not share the most beautiful (in every way) school in the whole world with you?  well, it's a close tie with the awesome local charter school my son will be attending, but the setting's a little different....just a little.  see that photo above?  it's not travel and leisure's number one on their annual top hotels list.  it's an amazing new school in bali called green school.

it is the stunning creation of former canadian jeweler john hardy and his american wife who have been in bali for 30 years...and have raised their family there.  i can personally vouch for bali being THE most incredibly beautiful place in the universe, and i am not surprised that this heavenly school exists there.

the couple opened the school in the fall of 2008, and it is a place that they built "to create a new paradigm for learning.  we want children to cultivate physical sensibilities that will enable them to adapt and be capable in the world.  we want children to develop spiritual awareness and emotional intuition, and to encourage them to be in awe of life's possibilities."

one of the reasons it's called green school is because it is built entirely out of local materials....mostly bamboo.

and, yes, that's a balinese bamboo yurt below!

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