Friday, February 12, 2010

four items you need to be a kitchen savvy mom

ok, so i never really cooked before my son was born.  i'll spare you all of the jokes and hahaha stories about it all.  now, feeding my son fresh food at every meal is something i would love to do for as long as possible.

it is important to note that i am not cooking for teenagers or even kids, but for a 15 month old.   i always heard the stories about how picky kids can be about eating their vegetables, but so far so good.  i guess as long as babies aren't exposed to unhealthy stuff, they don't know the difference.  i'm veering off point....

alright, so the four items (see right sidebar for amazon links/photos):

1.  canning jar(s) in 4 oz. size

2.  steamer

3.  awesome pairing knife : $10 each at williams sonoma or cost plus--colorful and comes with a cover!!

4.  non-plastic small cutting board

once a week, we make a large batch of mixed split peas, lentils, flax seeds, and barley that we dip into for lunch and dinner.  you can fill one of the jars with a serving of the mix and drop it right into an inch of boiling water to reheat.  put the lid on the pot and food will reheat quickly.  while you're at it, chuck a few fresh veggies (pea shoots, mushrooms, broccoli) into the boiling water to cook.  you can also do all of this using a mesh steamer in the pot, but it takes a little longer.

pull all of the boiled/steamed veggies out and dice with your pairing knife on your non-plastic small cutting board.   get ready for some breaking news can also dice fruit on your cutting board too!!

i am like cordon bleu trained now as far as my son knows!

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