Friday, January 15, 2010

cloth diapers part one---here's the poop

ok, i have been procrastinating on this post for months, because although i am a huge fan of cloth diapers, explaining the set up of a system can leave one's head spinning.  i put in hours on researching the most efficient organic options when i was pregnant a year ago.  i was pleasantly surprised to discover that cloth diapers now look exactly like pins!!

though it may not always be obvious, i enjoy being a woman of few words when i'm explaining things, so i will try to keep this simple.

here goes...

i will explain the set up for a newborn, sourced from basically the cheapest sites on the web, and you can tweak where necessary:

buy 24 of these in size newborn----my son still fits into these at 13 months.  if they are not available, buy 24 of these in size small.

buy 2 of these in size small----these are the alternative to plastic waterproof covers and rock!  awesome for night leaks over a disposable diaper too.

buy 30 of these----terry wipes ideal for poops
buy 36 of these----flannel wipes for pee, poop, night breastmilk leaks, burb cloths, etc.

buy 2 of these in size small----an alternative to plastic bags if you need to stash wet dipes and wipes while out

buy one or 2 of these in size 20L----an "odor proof" pedal can with removable bin.  buying 2 is ideal... more time until laundry day.   if you're doing disposables too, put disposables in one and washables in the other.

please be sure to read my next post on laundering your cloth diapers. you'll want to know what you're in for...that sounded bad, but really it's not at all.

side note...we put our son's changing table on our bathroom countertop for easy access to toilet and sink, containing (infrequent) smells to one small room, and for easy night changes since we do bed-sharing.

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