Sunday, May 2, 2010

what's the deal with raw milk?

for some reason, i keep ending up in raw milk conversations lately.  i know.  i need help.   after bookmarking some sites recently to mention on here, today i received an email guessed it....raw milk. so here's the deal-y...

the milk that you buy in the store, put in your coffee, and feed to your kids is pasteurized.  it has been heat treated to nearly beyond recognition.  its best qualities have been killed.

pasteurization goes hand in hand with factory farmers.  they raise unhealthy cows on grain (cows should only naturally eat grass), pump them full of antibiotics and hormones, then heat treat the milk to kill "potential pathogens".

raw milk is a complete food from healthy, well-cared for, grass-fed cows, full of valuable enzymes, beneficial bacteria, good fats, and much more.

please read more here, including a eye-opening interview with organic pastures' founder mark mcafee.  they are a great company (i speak from personal experience) that sells raw milk, kefir and more here in los angeles at many farmers' markets.  they ship!  and also offer glass bottles.

click here for where to find raw milk in your state.  and click here for a raw milk facts site.

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