Sunday, May 23, 2010

new studies on gm foods--including hair growing in mouth

gm stands for genetically modified...sound delicious?  well, ever since 1995, thousands of crops in the u.s. have been grown with seeds that are genetically modified.  they are modified, on a cellular level, in an effort to fight pests and grow "better" plants, although ultimately they have done neither.

in 1999, the european public spoke up and outlawed gmo's.  sadly, 11 years later, the united states is still using us as guinea pigs and does not have to disclose if foods are in fact genetically modified.  click here to sign a petition to ask obama to start labeling gm foods.

recent studies have shown that hamsters fed gmo soy are sterile within 3 generations.  additionally, they have an unusual abundance of hair growth inside of their mouths (bleck!!).  rats have shown in some gm studies to be infertile by the 2nd generation and have high infant mortality rates.

please read more about gmo's and your health here.

please tell your grocer, schools and politicians that you will not buy the following foods that are gm in the u.s.:

1. soy
2. corn
3. cottonseed oil
4. canola (canola oil)
5. sugar from sugar beets
6. hawaiian papaya
7. some zucchini
8. crookneck squash

oh dear, do you know how much corn is in the american diet?...not to mention soy.  corn is in cow feed (hello grass-fed beef and dairy), chicken feed, corn syrup, citric acid (ok, that's in everything, right?), chips, xanthan gum, and a bajillion other things.   your safest bet is to eat organic whole foods.

click here for a list of foods and products, including infant formulas and coke products, that may contain gm ingredients.  it also includes a list of which products are safe.

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