Tuesday, May 18, 2010

breastfeeding? low milk supply?

it can be extremely emotional for a new mother to experience low breast milk supply.  plus, unfortunately, once you introduce anything other than breast milk to fill baby (ie formula or water), your body says "oh, baby isn't eating as much, so don't produce as much milk as yesterday."so it's a little bit of a catch 22 that should be handled with delicate intuition day by day.  the other challenge that comes with introducing a bottle, is that the baby gets instant gratification, so he finds it more time consuming to work at getting milk at the breast.

once you get him on, be sure he stays on until he falls asleep or takes himself off--otherwise he will not get the higher fat hind milk that comes after the watery, low fat fore milk in the beginning.

if you are experiencing low milk supply, please try the following (some work within 24 hrs):

*these herbal supplements (they come highly recommended)
*make and eat these fenugreek sprouts
*this mother's milk tea
*drink lots of water (1-2 glasses per nursing session)
*nurse, nurse, nurse as much as possible
*try not to skip feedings, even at night
*read more here

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