Tuesday, May 18, 2010

six confirmed mumps cases in los angeles.

here is the release by the los angeles public health department regarding the current mumps cases.

please go to this other link for commentary by a los angeles 30+ year pediatrician, jay gordon, who is "not comfortable with the mmr vaccine and questions its benefits."  here is a quote from his commentary:

Mumps is a virus we have never managed to eradicate. The average number of cases in America is around 200-500 per year. In 2006, we had an outbreak in the Midwest of 6,584. Of those, there were 11 cases of partial or complete deafness and 22 developed viral meningitis. There were no fatalities. Interestingly, the outbreak affected mostly college age students who had both doses of the vaccine against mumps.

photo via here.

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