Tuesday, May 4, 2010

did you take a cpr class? do you remember any of it?

i kind of do.  actually, the thing that always sticks in my mind is ALWAYS use a landline (at least in california) if possible, or yell to someone else to go call 911 on one.  our teacher said if you use your cell phone to call 911, your call gets routed though the chp, and can add on 7 minutes to an emergency.

anywhoo, now that my son is 18 months old, i couldn't remember if i'm supposed to do infant heimlich or a more gentle version of the adult heimlich.  so i made a little visit to my friend youtube.

here are some videos you may want to check out if you need a refresher:

infant heimlich/cpr : part one and part two
toddler heimlich/cpr : part one and part two

adult cpr : updated 2010 video
adult heimlich : 2009 video

2008 method of doing continuous chest compression cpr to an adult--good if you are uncomfortable with giving mouth-to-mouth.  this keeps oxygen flowing in the victim's body/blood/heart....100 compressions per minute.  if you do nothing, the person will probably die.

photo via here.

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