Sunday, May 9, 2010

a beautiful baby crib...from ikea!

i must admit that it never even crossed my mind to look for a crib at ikea, but recently i have seen one looking quite chic in a few design spreads.  it looks so beautiful and simple without bumpers and fancy bedding.  it's the sniglar and is $80--the mattress has two height placements, and the side comes off to become a toddler bed later.  i cannot tell how/if the wood is treated, but ikea is usually pretty on top of their game when it comes to consciousness and safety.

of course, if you're up for attachment parenting, you may not need a crib.  we got a beautiful expandable stokke sleepi bassinet/crib and really only used the bassinet part---for a few months (came in handy as it was small, and i could roll it around the house).  our 18-moth-old son naps in a hammock and has always slept either in our bed or now beside it on a futon.

don't forget to get an organic mattress if you buy a crib!

photos via here and here.

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