Sunday, October 4, 2009

easily store your breast milk in glass instead of plastic.

i think we all know the dangers of plastic at this point.  yes, companies like medela provide bpa-free plastic bottles with their pumps, but in my opinion, we still do not know all of the dangers of plastic.  i prefer to avoid it as much as possible, just in case.

you can easily pump directly into a 5 oz glass baby bottle and then pop a lid on it to put in the refrigerator.

also, if you have not used the stored milk within a week, you can freeze it in glass baby food jars (get from a friend, craigslist, or ebay) or canning jars (available at some hardware stores or ebay, etc).  you would probably be safest using the refrigerator to transition on the front end to cool the milk and on the back end to thaw the milk (as to avoid glass cracking).  be sure to write the date on the lid!

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