Saturday, October 24, 2009

baby registry : the one layette item that we couldn't have lived without

certainly everyone would have their own particular item here.  and honestly, i guess the true answer would have been diapers (though there is a school of parents that think babies shouldn't wear, ok)....i digress....

baby gowns!  baby gowns is my answer!  my son wore them from day one until they were thread bare around the 4 month mark when we finally moved on from them.

the fact of the matter is that you are going to change a bajillion diapers in those first few months and the gown has the quickest and easiest access.   the snaps on onesies add extra work and pants are no easy feat.  plus, this way, dressing the baby becomes a much more pleasurable and quick experience for everyone.

additionally, they are great for baby to sleep in because they are like having a built in blankie.  they are also womblike and allow baby to feel his own limbs/legs as he gets to know his body.

if you can find a convertible gown, it will certainly come in handy too as it can transition into a pants onesie.

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