Friday, October 2, 2009

sleepless nights during teething...

ok, yes.  this is an all natural blog, but we succumbed to infant tylenol last night (gasp!).   my son has had his first taste of big-pharma--ha! we do bed-sharing, so after 6 sleepless nights of him waking and readjusting himself to latch onto my breast every hour, i assumed this must be because of his discomfort.  he does not show signs of pain at night, but certainly it's the teething that's causing this.  and since he was lying on top of me every night for 2 weeks, my back muscular pain has turned to nerve pain, so i HAVE to get some sleep.

the infant tylenol does help---i'd say his waking was cut in half---so that's pretty good.  and on the upside (i'm reaching here), tylenol does make a dye-free version now---which also does not have high fructose corn syrup (yea!).  as you may know red dye #40 (a strain of which is banned in austria, norway, japan,and sweden), which is in other tylenol infant products, has been know to have negative affects on children such as hyperactivity, hives, eczema, and aggression.

UPDATE -- uck!  it has sucralose (splenda) in it.  i've contaminated my child--seriously, this stuff really bothers me.  what is so bad about just putting natural sugar in?  gosh guys....

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