Saturday, October 17, 2009

first weeks with baby : feel comfortable going out and breastfeeding in cute, easy-access tops!

this may sound insane, but after our homebirth, we did not go out into public with our baby until he was 3 weeks old.  and by "public", i mean we walked 2 blocks to some shops around the corner from our house. not only was it the height of flu season (and we were a little paranoid), but i was recovering from a pelvic injury, so it just took us a while to venture out.

also, it's tough to get it together enough, if you're breastfeeding, to feel like you can comfortably get the baby on your breast without flashing everyone at a restaurant or store (by week 4, i could give a rat's ass about flashing everyone at my family reunion if i had to).   so, i would like to dedicate this post to breastfeeding fashions.

i have laughed with other mothers about how, in the first weeks, we only owned 2 garments that we could breast feed in...a robe and a zip up hoodie.  as you may have noticed, these have not been at the height of fashion in recent seasons, plus you start to feel bad about the permanent zipper imprints on your baby's face after a while.

ok, back to the fashion....cue the music....

i found that once you get your breastfeeding bra worked out, tops are easy.  you have probably already seen the nursing tanks and often expensive and blaaah tees that are in the marketplace, so i will jump to what i found to be easy, affordable, and stylish.....

that's right (it's not just skanky underwear on there! they have great clothes.), once you feel like you have a handle on what your general body size is going to be like post-baby (i knew this within a few days), jump on your computer and start ordering.  you're going to want to order henley styles that can be unbuttoned decently low down.  any top that has a surplice style (looks like an overlapping v-neck) or fitted cardigans are good too.  even tops with large v-necks and cowlnecks will work great.  oh, and don't forget the forgiving babydoll top.  you will live in these for as long as you breastfeed, unless you choose to go the route of just lifting your shirt to allow baby to feed.  also, i cannot stress the importance of cute tops with pockets enough---really great for stashing the cell phone or keys on the fly.

money saving tip--sign up on their website to be on their email list, since they constantly send out sale emails.

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