Saturday, November 6, 2010

ever wondered what to replace your mercury fillings with?

i have.  i know there are composites, but don't they have bpa in them?
when the mercury fillings are removed, don't you consume some?

this area can all be a little overwhelming.  mercola has a brand new article that can help us all decide what to do when we need a filling or want to have a mercury one removed and replaced.

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  1. I was 52 years old and I had a massive stroke in 1999. I'm 62. I couldn't speak, completely aphasic, and I couldn't walk; confined to a wheelchair and five hospitals. Nothing clicks. I can speak, (I'm a little bit aphasic) and walk with a cane. I hobbled.

    Mercury poisoning symptoms include: depression, anxiety, foul breath, metallic taste, vomiting, diarrhea, vision impairment, irregular heart beat and pulse, changes in blood pressure, persistent cough, swollen lymph nodes in neck, excessive perspiration and host of signs. Symptoms, that I had.

    I'm not a physician, or a dentist, or a science guy. That said, here's my events about the stroke and mercury fillings. I obtained medical records 10 years ago. I suffered from funky foul breath and a metallic taste; paralyzing fear all the time, constantly; excessive sweating, and palpitations so heart-stopping, so violent and furious, for 20 years.

    Mercury is toxic beyond belief. The physicians and dentists need to talk to each other.

    Thank you.