Tuesday, October 26, 2010

the switch witch : this candy-removing fairy gets major props

my awesome osteopath let me in on the best idea ever if i do not want to give my kid candy on halloween...

that idea is the SWITCH WITCH!  this bitch (i can't resist, i'm so excited) pops over to your house after a nightcap with the tooth fairy and takes your kid's candy to "all of the children in the world who do not get any candy on halloween." yes, the quotes were intentional. yes, the candy goes into the trash can.  and no, i do not normally condone lying to your kids.  though, i absolutely support you finding a way to get your kid's candy to all of the candy-needing children in the world if you have the means.

on the upside, you can go crazy and ask your kid to pick the ONE piece of candy that he would like to keep for himself before being so generous as to "give the rest away"......to the trash can.  i mean to the children of the world.

photo via here.


  1. ok, now that my son is almost 3 and actually into trick or treating, we realized that the SWITCH witch much SWITCH the candy for a toy. kind of like the tooth fairy, but leaving a toy instead of money.