Thursday, June 24, 2010

tummy tub is second best to being in the womb.

have you seen these?  they are a simply designed phthalate, bpa-free plastic bucket-looking bath, called a tummy tub, that originated in the netherlands.  you may be familiar with french obstetrician frederick leboyer's practices of immersing newborns into a small tub of warm water to soothe them after birth.  makes sense right?--since they just spent the last nine months in amniotic fluid.

check out tummy tub's site for cute newborns loving their baths. babies only need baths 2-3 times a week when they are first born---and soap is almost never necessary in the beginning.

we used a tummy tub four days after our son was born, and he loved it.  he was so chill in it (that's him at one month old in the pic above). the tub can accommodate a 2-year-old/35 lbs.  we only ended up using ours for a few months, since our son was very comfortable in a full bath tub with dad pretty early on.  i'd recommend buying it without the stool/stand (as shown below) at first, and see if you feel comfortable.


  1. That doesn't look convenient or safe. Do you have to hold your baby the whole time??? That poor mom in the picture looks like her back is breaking from bending over the bucket. Hm...not too impressed with this one..

  2. there are a couple of different set ups as far as being comfortable for your back. you can buy the stand and sit on a little stool next to it, or we put it on the counter sometimes as seen in the first photo. you really only have to position your hand under the baby's chin gently to be sure it doesn't dip under is very comfy. check out their videos on the website for a better visual :)