Monday, June 21, 2010

alternative vaccine schedule : and it starts at age 2

this is a very informative article written by cardiac surgeon donald w. miller, jr, md about vaccinations.  it isn't brand-spanking new, as it was written at end of 2004, but still absolutely rings true.   there is strong evidence for waiting until after your child turns 2 to start immunizing. also, dr. miller lists the order and time frame of the few vaccinations to get if you do choose to wait until age 2.  an excerpt :

"In humans, the most rapid period of brain development begins in the third trimester and continues over the first two years of extra uterine life. (By then brain development is 80 percent complete.) Until randomized controlled trials demonstrate the safety of giving vaccines during this time of life, it would be prudent not to give any vaccinations to children until they are two years old."

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