Saturday, April 3, 2010

what are the emf's doing to us?

emf stands for electromagnetic frequency.  what i'm talking about here are the electric and magnetic waves that flood our lives now.  some could say they have been a threat since the invention of electricity, but those emf's are typically only mentioned in the case of high voltage power lines near homes causing health problems.   i'm not really talking about electricity in this post though...

i am talking about emf's coming from wireless phones, internet, cell phones, BABY MONITORS, etc.   for some reason, we all seem to just trust that wireless technology (that is nearly inescapable in this country) is not interfering with our health.  wifi is out of sight, out of mind, right?  certainly, cell phone companies will not be offering up any studies....nor will the wifi companies any time soon.  all i'm saying is.....ever heard of the tobacco industry?

ok, well that's not ALL i'm saying.  what i'm also saying is please be mindful about where your baby sleeps when it comes to emf waves. consider the placement of wireless baby monitors (do you really need one?), laptops, cell phones, and your wifi source (if you live in my house, there are 9 coming in from neighbors already).  consider turning all of your devices off when you go to bed if possible.

read up on emf's here and about children and emf's here.

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  1. Thanks for posting this. I have long suspected the danger of cell phones, wifi, etc to tiny babies and small children. I didn't even think of the video baby monitor though. Damn.

    I always turn my phone on airplane mode at night. Now I am also going to unplug the wifi. As always, great post and great info!