Sunday, April 25, 2010

swine flu hoax.

i have some information for you...

remember last june when the swine flu pandemic was declared a level 6?  well, declaration of level 6 allows a "switch" to turn on.  a switch that says "glaxosmithkline, and competitors, send out the vaccines!!" many countries had previously signed contracts in place, so the gigantic order was easy to fulfill once the switch was flipped.

let me back up...

in early may 2009, the WHO website changed the definition of "pandemic" from "an enormous number of deaths and cases of the disease" to "occurs when there are more cases of that disease than normal...worldwide." a cnn reporter pointed this out on may 4, 2009.  in other words, there was no longer a specification that a pandemic referred to many, many cases and deaths.

a week or so later, in mid-may 2009, 30 senior reps from pharmaceutical companies met with the director general and the secretary general of the WHO.  they were presumably discussing upgrading to a phase 6 since now there was a pandemic.

as of january 2010, an estimated 60 million americans had received the untested h1n1 vaccine.  how many worldwide?  how many children?  how many pregnant women?

wow.  the power of the media and pharmaceutical companies.....need i say more?

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