Tuesday, March 9, 2010

kudzu bag

i have not let go, in my heart or mind, of a super-unique, cool bag that i saw at the double rl (ralph lauren) store months ago.   yes, it was too expensive....but i'm pretty sure i just found it for $20!!  it's called the nature bag.  granted, it's not indigo-dyed like the rl one, but that's ok---it's even better!

it's organic, and it's made out of kudzu by indigenous minority families of khmu in laos.

it is super strong, comes in all sizes, and ranges from solid/neutral to striped/vibrant.  it is perfect as a reusable grocery bag or kids' stash-all---or just a damn cute tote.

photos courtesy of nature bag

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  1. Thanks for your mention and kind words. Our STRETCHABLE eco-friendly bags. No agriculture is involved, the bag is lightweight (but super strong) & because the air is cleaned while the the kudzu grows, our carbon footprint is near zero. They also make excellent cloth diaper (to be laundered) bags, swim bags, gym bags. In fact, they are perfect for carrying almost anything almost anywhere. Friend us on Facebook & get an opportunity to buy at up to 60 percent discount.