Sunday, January 2, 2011

reaping what you sow...when a 2-year-old shows empathy

my grandfather is dying, and i have had some very tear-filled moments lately.

yesterday, my son saw me start to cry, and at first he thought i was laughing.  i said to him,"no boo boo, mommy's not laughing.  i'm crying.  mommy's sad."

he scooted over to me on the sofa, and hugged me and said, "sorry mommy. sorry mommy."  then he gave me a kiss on the mouth and hugged me some more.  a few moments later, he ran to the bathroom to get "mommy tissue.  wipe the tears."

i think it was my single-most rewarding moment as a mother to date (which is big, because there are a lot of them).

i always give him a kiss and a hug when he's crying and tell him that i'm sorry that he's upset, hurt, etc....

it just goes to show that he is constantly learning from my behavior.

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